Anabol 10mg

Anabol 10mg

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Anabol is a synthetic male hormonal based medicine that is used to treat low red blood cell count in the body. Anabol works by increasing the number of erythropoietin hormones that produce red blood cells. It is also used as a non-steroidal bodybuilding and muscle gain supplement. 


Anabol is a medicine prescribed for the treatment of anemia. It is usually prescribed for 3-6 months and the dosage is based on the medical condition of the patient. Anabol should be used regularly for the recommended period to see the increment in the red blood cells. 

Anabol is also used as a non-steroid muscle gain and bodybuilding supplement by fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and body-builders. The medicine helps to support the synthesis of protein and aids in the recovery of muscles. 

Side effects 

The commonly associated Anabol side effects include: 


Trouble sleeping 

Swelling of ankles and feet 

Rapid gain weight 

Breathing trouble 

Decreased interest in sex 

Frequent erections in males 

Females may have increased signs of masculinization 


Facial hair growth 

Hoarse voice 

Menstrual changes 

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