Apetamin Syrup and Tablet

Apetamin Syrup and Tablet

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Apetamin is available in the form of syrup or tablets fast a weight gaining supplement. The syrup usually contains vitamins and lysine. this supplement is not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Hence, Apetamin for sale is not available in the US. To buy Apetamin, you can get them in certain limited pharmacies. 

Apetamin is said to have a powerful antihistamine which increases one's weight by incrementing their appetite. 

Side effects of Apetamin 

There are many adverse side fests associated with Apetamin. The most commonly reported Apetamine side effects to include: 



tremors of hands and feet 

blurred vision 

liver failure and toxicity 





trouble breathing 

In addition to these side effects, it is said that consuming Apetamin with grapefruit juice, or wine or any alcoholic drink can interact adversely. Apart from that Apetamine cannot be combined with other antihistamines or drugs used for the treatment of depression or Parkinson’s disease.

Apetamin is not easily available for sale in the US as it contains different amount of ingredients which are not legal in the US. Hence it is best to only purchase Apetamin for consumption after you speak with your healthcare. This will ensure safety and precaution from any adverse reactions.