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Aquatest injectable is a testosterone suspension that is dissolved in water. It is primarily used by body-builders to increase muscle mass, growth of muscles, strength, and stamina during workout sessions. Most athletes use Aquatest after injections as it has a high anabolic effect.

Aquatest for sale is available online and in all fitness product stores. Aquatest online is available in the form of injectable too. Aquatest is been popular among the bodybuilders who prepare for the competitions. Aquatest injectable is usually dissolved in water.

Aquatest side effects

The drug has an androgenic activity which leads to some common side effects among is users. The Aquatest side effects include:

Acne in women

Fluid retention


Menstrual problems

Dosage of Aquatest

The women are usually required to take 10-20mg of the solution in a day and the men usually administer injectable of Aquatest around 50-100mg. It is recommended to keep these injectable in a dry place, away from direct sunlight and also out of reach of children.

Use of Aquatest with other drugs 

Aquatest testosterone is usually taken for a period of 8 to 10 weeks. If one's goal is to increase their muscle mass the other drugs like Boldenone can be combined with Aquatest. Mesterolone can reduce the side effects associated with Aquatest. 

In one syringe of Aquatest, other anabolic suspensions are combined along with vitamin Vitamin B12, which reduces the pain after the injections.