Product Detail

Buy BK-2C-B Online 

BK-2C-B refers to the psychedelic designer drug which is similar to the 2C-B properties. It is used as an ideal substitute for the banned substance of 2C-B. It is available in powdered form and pellets. BK-2C-B for sale is available online. To buy BK-2C-B online you need to log in to a registered pharmacy and specify the grams you need of BK-2C-B. It is mainly utilized for research and forensic purposes.

Storage of BK-2C-B 

BK-2C-B needs to be stored in a dry place else or it may turn to purple. The conventional theories suggest that BK-2B- B if exposed to the outside environment for a long time will cause a reaction and it is prone to dimerization.
BK-2C- B effects lasts up to 10 hours if taken directly in its powder form. BK-2C-B for sale is available for forensic research only and not ideal for human consumption.

The side effects of BK-2C-B

Many users who have made use of this substance have reported certain adverse side effects. The BK-2C-B side effects include:

Mild jitters in the body, muscle spasms and shuddering to breathe.
Mild to intensive diarrheal, with nausea, gastric, and general gastrointestinal discomfort
Many users have reported severe headaches from large doses of the drug
BK-2C-B can be administered through the rectal area. This is indeed reported to be the most painful method to induce the drug in the body.