Danabol 50

Danabol 50

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Danabol is an oral anabolic steroid that is used by body-builders to get a strong effect on the protein synthesis in their body to increase metabolic rate. The effect it brings is quite positive by bringing in perfect nitrogen and calcium balance in the body. Danabol promotes the integration of the calcium to the bones. 

How to Use Danabol? 

Body-builders, power-lifters, and weight-lifters use different dosages of the medicine to bring the desired effect. The dosage varies from two tablets in a day up to twenty tablets in one day. A daily dose of 15-20 mg is consumed by body-builders. It is also taken in the form of injectable. 

Side effects

The steroids are associated with various side effects. So before you purchase Danabol online it is important to know about the side effects it has. There are various commonly reported Danabol side effects associated with it. Some of these side effects include: 


Oily skin 

Hair becomes oily 

Facial hair growth 

Acne may worsen 

Virilisation in women 

Deepness in the voice 

Irregularity of periods 

Enlargement of the clitoris 

Where to buy Danabol?

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