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Dilaudid medicine which is used to relieve moderate to severe pain. It belongs to the opioid class of drugs. It works in the brain by changing how the body feels and responds to pain. 

How to use: 

The medicine is used only after a prescription from a doctor. Dilaudid without prescription may interact with other drugs bringing in adverse effects. 

The medicine should be consumed by mouth only with food. 

One should carefully measure the dosage when using the liquid form of the medicine. Use the millimeters dosage cap to measure the exact dosage of the medicine. 

The dosage of the medicine is based on the age and medical condition of the patient. 

Side effects: 

There are several side effects associated with the use of this medicine. Before you purchase Dilaudid it is essential to be aware of the commonly associated Dilaudid side effects that it can bring along with the intended benefits. 






Dry mouth 


The doctor has prescribed this medicine keeping in mind the age, medical condition and benefits it will bring to you. Hence, if the side effects do not subside or get worst it is ideal to contact the doctor immediately. 

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