Ethylone(big crystal)

Ethylone(big crystal)

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Ethylone is usually used as a synonym for MDEC 3, 4 (–methylenedioxy N- methcathinone). It is a designer recreational drug that is used as an amphetamine. Compared to Methylone, Ethylone is used mostly as cocaine or amphetamine. Thus drug is to be used majority only for research purposes to avoid aversive health effects.

Administration of  Ethylone

Ethylone is usually administered in two ways. One method is to orally snort or smoke this substance and the other method is to inject into the body intravenously. Oral administration is more effective due to the high serotonin receptors which are present in high substances in this drug.

Effects of Ethylone

When you buy Ethylone online its serotonin receptors can bring about positive effects. These include: 
Color enhancements
Appreciation for the people
Empathy feelings 
Euphoric reaction

While Ethylone brings positive effects, aversive Ethylone side effects are also associated with it: These include:
Severe paranoia
Hypertension in people with heart disorders
Nausea and anxiety

Effect of Ethylone

Ethylone for sale when bought and consumed orally starts its effect within half an hour of administration. The initial feelings after consumption of Ethylone include effects such as euphoria and stimulation. The effects hold on for at least 3 to 5 hours.
Buy Ethylone only for approved purposes from registered dealers. If you suffer from any health complication, you should not take this. As a standard rule, Ethylone is not intended for human consumption/ it should be used for laboratory and forensic tests only.