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Halotest is a brand medicine sold for the generic medicine called fluoxymesterone. It is a male hormonal androgen that is used for the treatment of deficiency of testosterone and delayed puberty. It is used not only in males but in females too for breast cancer treatment. 

How to Use Halotest?  

The recommended dosage of this medicine is customized as per the need of the individual. It depends on the age of the user, their medical history and condition. The recommended daily dosage of halotest is usually given in single doses, three to four times a day.  Halotest may interact with blood thinners and hence should be consulted with the doctor before you buy Hsalotest. It is recommended that before women purchase Halotest for their usage, it should be used with caution, it may affect the nursing infant as the ingredients in the medicine can affect breast milk. 

Side effects of Halotest

Like all hormonal steroid drugs, Halotest side effects to existing. These are some commonly associated side effects of the medicine 

increased/decreased sexual interest

hair loss


skin color changes

oily skin




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