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Buy Iboga Online

Iboga medicine belongs to the category of alkaloids. It is primarily used for the treatment of several addictions to different substances. This medicine is categorized under controlled substances. 

Dosage of Iboga 

Iboga without prescription cannot be sold under any circumstances. To buy Iboga you need a valid doctor’s prescription. The appropriate dosage of Iboga depends on several factors like the medical health and condition of the patient, age and severity of the medical condition. It is usually recommended to keep the dose between 500 to 800 mg in a day. 

Side Effects 

Iboga for sale is available but it has some side effects associated with it. The commonly reported Iboga side effects to include: 

Slow heart rate 

Low blood pressure 

Difficulty in breathing 


Paralysis – rare side effect 

Hallucination- rare side effect 

Safety and special precautions 

Iboga can interact with other medicines and have an adverse reaction. Hence it is recommended to avoid it in combination with these drugs: 

Drying medicines like anticholinergic drugs Various medications used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, glaucoma and other cholinergic drugs 

Apart from interactions with these medicines, Iboga is not recommended during pregnancy, lactation and breastfeeding period to women. It is said to take precaution during these periods as it may harm the healthy growth of the fetus and hamper the unborn child unknowingly.