Ketamine Powder

Ketamine Powder

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What is ketamine? 

Ketamine powder refers to the medicine which is used as an anesthesia. It produces a feeling of relation and relieves pain in animals and humans. It is an approved class III scheduled drug for anesthesia purposes.  It is a commonly used recreational drug that brings a tranquilizing and dissociative effect.  Ketamine powder is safe to use under medical supervision only. The ketamine effects can be adverse for the physical and mental health if it is misused or utilized outside the approved limits, 

Where to buy ketamine? 

You can buy ketamine online from any registered medical pharmacy. Ketamine without prescription cannot be sold. Hence, ketamine for sale is only available to those who have a valid doctor’s prescription. 

The therapeutic uses of ketamine 

Ketamine is used in medical procedures or after medical procedures. Ketamine is injected into the muscles directly through an IV process to administer its effects fast. It is said to be the safest anesthesia as it does not affect the breathing rate and blood pressure. 
Ketamine is commonly used for the following purposes: 
Orthopedic procedures 
Skin grafts 
Cardiac cauterization 
Minor surgical interventions like dental extractions 
Diagnostic procedures on the nose, eye, ear, and throat. 
It is also used to control severe seizures or epileptic fits 

Side Effects

Ketamine side effects include a variety of adverse effects which includes
behavioral changes 
Involuntary muscle movement 
Inability to control the eye movements slurred speech
Slow heart rate