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Buy Lendormin Tablets Online

Lendormin tablets are primarily used to treat insomnia. It increases the gamma-aminobutyric acid in the central nervous system which causes excessive drowsiness. The medicine has brotizolam as the primary ingredient. 

Why Use Lendormin?  

Lendormin is used for the control, prevention, improvement, and treatment of Insomnia. You should use the medicine for the duration and dosage as directed by the doctor only. It is also used before major surgeries and procedures for bringing drowsiness in the patients. 


Before consuming Lendormin tablets it is recommended to tell the doctor about the current medications like herbal supplements and vitamins. It is important before getting a prescription for Lendormin, that the doctor should know the physical and medical condition of the patient. Lendormin can be dangerous to 

Elderly patients 


Psychiatric drug-dependent patients 


Nursing mothers 

Side effects

Before you purchase Lendormin it is essential to know about the Lendormin side effects. These side effects if not subsided can be fatal to life. Hence, Lendormin without prescription should not be consumed. The side effects include: 

Visual disturbances 





Sleep disturbances 


There may be some more side effects not mentioned. In that case, the doctor should be immediately consulted for medical advice. 

Where to buy Lendormin?

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