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Mepron is used popularly to treat serious lung infections known as pneumonia. The medicine aids in stopping the infection such as cough, fever, tiredness, and shortness of breath. 


Mepron is used widely to treat pneumonia- a severe lung infection 

You should not use Mepron without prescription as it can lead to adverse effects 

The dosage should be taken only as directed by the doctor for best results, 

The medicine is taken orally with food. It is usually prescribed for a duration of 21 days. 

The full course of the medicine should e completed. Stopping the medicine after a few days would result in the return of the pneumonia infection. 

Side effects

Before you buy Mepron for sale, it is essential to know the common Mepron side effects associated with it. These are: 


Trouble breathing 





Runny nose 

The doctor prescribes Mepron due to the intended positive effects it has. However of the side effects continue or worsen over time, the doctor should be reported to immediately. 

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