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Morphine is an opioid medicine, which is sometimes called a narcotic drug. Morphine is used for the treatment of moderate pain to severe pains. This extended-release medicine is used for the treatment of pain. 

How to use morphine? 

Morphine should be used as directed by the doctor. To buy morphine you can order them online. You cannot buy morphine without a prescription from any pharmacy. All pharmacies who have morphine for sale need a doctor’s prescription.  You should take morphine only as directed by the doctor. You should follow the instructions given by the doctor or directed on the prescription panel. You should swallow the tablet as a whole and overdose can be fatal to life. One should not crush, break, chew or dissolve the morphine tablets. 

Side effects of Morphine 

You should get medical help if any signs of an allergic reaction to morphine develop. Common morphine side effects include: 
Swelling of lips, tongue 
Extreme drowsiness 
Slow heart rate 
Chest pain 
Pounding and heaviness 



Interactions of other drugs with morphine 

Many drugs can interact with morphine and cause side effects. These include: 

Other narcotic medications like opioid pain medicines or narcotic cough syrups 

Sedative like diazepam, Valium, Restoril. 

Drugs which affect serotonin levels in the body 

Drugs which make you sleepy like a tranquilizer, relaxer, and antipsychotics medicine 

This is not the list of complete medicines. There are many other medicines such as vitamin tablets and herbal medicines which can interact adversely with morphine. Hence, it is recommended to have the dosage and the duration of morphine only as directed by the doctor.