MSD Keytruda 100 mg Injection, Packaging Type: 4 mL

MSD Keytruda 100 mg Injection, Packaging Type: 4 mL

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What is Keytruda?

Keytruda is a medicine prescribed for the treatment of cancer. It works by interfering with the growth of the cancerous cells and the spread of cancer in the body.  Keytruda is administered in combination with other drugs to effectively treat certain kinds of cancer. 

Some common types of cancers that it can treat include: 

Advanced skin cancer 

Lung cancer 

Neck and head cancer 

Kidney, urinary tract infection 

Liver cancer 

Uterine cancer 

Keytruda is usually prescribed when cancer spreads to other parts of the body when surgery cannot be done, or other cancer treatments do not work. Keytruda for sale is available only when one has a doctor’s prescription. You cannot buy Keytruda if not prescribed by a doctor. Keytruda without prescription is never sold to any patient. One should only have the dosage and the duration of the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. 

Keytruda Side effects 

Keytruda side effects are quite common and can be severe at times. In case of severe side effects, it is recommended to contact the doctor. Some side effects commonly reported includes: 

Muscle pain and weakness 

Severe stomach pain 


Changes in the color of skin and eyes 

Hormonal disorder 

Feeling light0headed 


Rapid heartbeats 


Increased thirst 

Weight loss or gain 

Feeling cold 

How is Keytruda administered? 

You can get Keytruda online commonly in the form of injections. It is administered by medical professionals. The doctor frequently performs blood tests to assess whether the Keytruda is the right treatment or not to improve the condition.