Myhep LVIR - Sofosbuvir & Ledipasvir

Myhep LVIR - Sofosbuvir & Ledipasvir

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Myhep tablets are categorized as anti-viral tablets. They are used in conjunction with other therapies and medicines to treat chronic hepatitis infection in the body. It aids in fighting against the viruses in the body which come as a result of the infection.  One can purchase Myhep to treat hepatitis infection. 

Myhep tablets are prescribed by doctors keeping in mind the patients age and medical condition. Hence, one should only have this medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Overdose or misuse of Myhep can be fatal to life. Myhep without prescription cannot be sold. To buy Myhep online, you need to present a valid doctor's prescription. Myhep can be consumed without food or with food but it should be taken at the same time daily. This medicine should never be consumed with alcohol. 

How does Myhep work? 

Myhep tablets compose of two major anti-viral medical ingredients namely- velpatasvir and sofosbuvir. These compounds in the medicine lower the amount of hepatitis c virus in the body and remove the virus from the bloodstream.  

Myhep side effects

There are fewer but some common Myhep side effects associated with it. These include: 




 How to take Myhep medicine? 

Myhep medicine can be taken in the dosage and duration only as prescribed by the doctor. Taking more than the recommended dosage or for a longer duration will lead to adverse reactions. These pills are not chewable and ought to be swallowed with a glass of water