Nandrolone D

Nandrolone D

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Nandrolone belongs to the anabolic steroid group of medicines. It promotes the bodybuilding process particularly in females and produces more protein in the body. Its also used for the treat of osteoporosis and anemia in post-menopausal women. Nandrolone for sale is available online. To buy Nandrolone you should first consult with a doctor to ensure that there are no adverse reactions. 

Side effects of Nandrolone 

There are many common side effects associated with the use of od Nandrolone. The common Nandrolone side effects include the following symptoms: 

Increased blood calcium levels


Trouble sleeping Hirsutism

Impaired liver function



Deepening of Nausea

the voice

The uses of Nandrolone

This medicine is commonly prescribed for the following conditions: 

Post-menopause women to treat osteoporosis- It can prevent bone fractures and increase bone density. 

Anemia - It is used to manage the anemia in patients who have impaired kidney functions 

Long-term deliberating illnesses -It can be used to treat patients who have a speedy recovery from serious illnesses. 

Interaction of Nandrolone with other diseases 

Nandrolone should be taken after the consultation with a doctor. It should not be taken by patients who suffer from the following health conditions: 

Carcinoma in male patients should avoid the medicine as the tumor may get worsened with the interaction of Nandrolone. 

Patients with edema and fluid retention can cause worsening of the condition 

Patients with liver disease should not be used with patients having liver conditions. If you used it should be take with extreme caution. 

Patients with disorders should avoid having Nandrolone. 

Diabetic patients should not have Nandrolone as it can lower blood glucose levels.