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Norco is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It is an opioid medication that is administered or prescribed for pain. It belongs to the narcotic category of drugs. It can relieve moderate to severe pain.  


It is a popular opioid medication that is prescribed to treat chronic or severe pain. 

This medicine should be taken with consultation after a doctor only. 

Norco for pain usually resolves chronic pain disorders.  

The dosage and duration as directed by the doctor should be followed 

If the medicine is taken for a long time, suddenly stopping the medicine can cause withdrawal symptoms. 

In case of addiction to medicine, the doctor can appropriately lower the dose of the medicine 

Side effects: 

Before you purchase Norco for pain, it is essential to know the commonly associated Norco side effects. These unwanted side effects include: 






The doctor prescribes Norco keeping in mind the various benefits it has and that its adverse effects overpower the intended effects. However, if these symptoms do not resolve within a few days or worsen over time, you should contact the doctor immediately. 

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