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Nubain is an opioid category medicine that is used for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. It is also used for treating the pain after major surgery or child-birth. 


Nubain greatly helps in relieving pain post-child-birth 

It aids in reducing pain after major surgeries. 

If you are thinking of buying Nubalin without prescription, you should consider the adverse side effects it can have if not taken properly 

The dosage and duration of the medicine should be taken only as directed by the doctor. 

Nubain should not be taken if you suffer from asthma or abdominal issues. 

Side effects:

Apart from the intended effects of relieving pain, there are some commonly reported Nubalin side effects associated with it. These include: 


Low-heart rate 

Dry mouth 




Difficulty in breathing 

Cold and clammy skin 


Puffiness of the eyelids, lips or eyes. 

The doctor recommends medicine as they see that the intended benefits of the medicine is greater than its adverse effects.  The side effects usually solve within a few days. However, if the symptoms continue to aggregate or gets worst then the doctor should be immediately reported.  

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