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There are many trade names of Oxycodone like Oxycotin, Roxicodone and many more. It is one of the class chemicals known as morphinans that behave as a narcotic analgesics. It is used for patients to treat mile to extreme pain. Oxycodone is the only ingredient used as the immediate release. The Oxycodone’s zig-zag pattern is referred to as phenanthrene that is benzene’s three rings that contains polycyclic core. It replica the behavior of endorphins that gives end result of euphoria to relieve pain. The endorphins present in oxycodone helps in inducing sleep by reducing pain and gives a feeling of pleasure. The level of toxicity is low when it is compared to other doses. It is lethal when it is combined with alcohol or any other benzodiazepines. It also shows some serious disorders like constipation, drowsiness, nausea and so on.


It is used for treating chronic to acute pain. It greater effect of euphoric have a high level of medical application. 

It is used for patients who have undergone surgery. For reducing the pain whether it’s average or extreme after any illness or surgeries. Used to treat post-surgery pain. 


The most recommended dose of Oxycodone for treating average to extreme pain is 5mg, gradually it increases to 10 – 30 mg and it lasts up to 6 hours. 

The adjustments of doses of oxycodone are needed to be taken with most care if the patients are having hepatic disease, renal impairment or opioid native.

Never use Oxycodone with alcohol, otherwise, it shows its side effects like drowsiness and breathing problem. 

It is not advised to take this medicine during pregnancy and even when you are suffering from asthma or stomach issues. 

It is better to use this drug with food and as per prescribed by the doctor

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