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Oxycontin is a pain -relief medicine that is used to treat moderate to severe pain. The Oxycontin tablets are extended-release tablets which belong to the opioid category of medicines. It works by affecting the chemical in the brain by preventing the pain signals.  The higher the strength of the medicine, the more effective it is.


Before you purchase Oxycontin it is recommended to know the various uses of the medicine. 

Oxycontin is a brand name medicine sold for the generic drug oxycodone 

It is prescribed by the doctors to treat moderate to severe chronic pain. 

Oxycontin comes in the form of a concentrated solution, tablet, capsules, and an extended-release tablet. 

It is usually consumed on a full stomach as consumption of medicine on an empty stomach can lead to abdominal discomfort. 

The extended-release tablets are usually to be taken every 12 hours. 

Side effects:

You should buy Oxycontin without a prescription, if you are aware of the various adverse side effects associated with it. These commonly reported adverse Oxycontin side effects are: 

Clammy and cold skin 





Weak pulse rate 






The doctor prescribes this medicine keeping in mind, the intended effects. The medicine is prescribed keeping in mind the age and medical condition of the patient. Hence, if you want to have the intended effects of Oxycontin, then it is best to consult the doctor and only have medicine if prescribed. 

Where to buy Oxycontin online? 

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