PVP Powder

PVP Powder

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The Plyvinypyrrolidone (PVP) is also commonly known as povidone or PVP. It is a water-soluble polymer which is used widely for many medical purposes. PVP for sale is available in all registered pharmacies. You can buy PVP online only after presenting a doctor’s prescription. 

Medical uses of PVP

PVP plasma is widely used for varied medical requirements. These include: 
PVP is used as a binder for many tablets. 
PVP is used in various ointments, crease, surgical scrubs, and liquid soaps to be applied on the skin. 
PVP powder is used in its original form in many prescription based talc powders. 
PVP is turned to a liquid form to be used in solutions for contact lenses. It acts as a lubricant which can be built on to the lenses. 

What are PVP based products prescribed for? 

PVP based products are prescribed to treat a variety of medical issues such as:
Oral infections
Open minor wounds like blisters graze and minor cuts.
Vaginal candidiasis
Skin infections
Clean patients before surgical procedures

Side effects of PVP

PVP side effects are not many. These are a few side effects that are quite rarely experienced by people. These include 
Skin allergy and irritation 
Severe redness of the skin especially the areas where PVP is applied 
Acne eruption 
Thyroid imbalanced levels