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Buy Rexcof Online

Rexcof syrup is used in combination with other medicine for the treatment of dry cough. This medicine is not recommended for patients who are below 12 years of age. 

Where to buy Rexcof? 

Rexcof for sale is available online on registered pharmacies. To buy Rexcof online you need to present a valid prescription. 

Side effects of Rexcof 

The Rexcof side effects include these common side effects: 
Dry mouth 
Stomach pain 
Blurred vision 
Stomach pain 
Difficulty in urination 

The uses of Rexcof 

Rexcof is usually prescribed for the treatment of dry cough. It is not to be taken by children below 12 years. 

The dosage of Rexcof 

The Rexcof dosage is advised by the doctor based on the medical condition of the patient, age and symptoms. Do not take a double dose in case of a missed dose. In case of overdose, the immediate medical condition should be sought.   

When not to use Rexcof?

This medicine is not recommended in the following cases: 
· Allergy to active ingredients in Rexcof 
· Respiratory disease patients should not use this medicine until advised by the doctor
· The medicine is not recommended for patients receiving Monoamine oxidase inhibitors 
· Acute or severe asthma patients should avoid this medicine 
· Paralytic ileus is not recommended for patients with gastrointestinal obstructions 
· Benign prostate hyperplasia patients should not have this medicine as it can cause increased difficulty in urination.