Stromba Tablets

Stromba Tablets

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Stromba is a steroid made by man which is similar to the naturally occurring testosterone. It is used widely in the treatment of hereditary or genetic angioedema. This condition is characterized by swelling of the extremities like vagina and genitals, throat and the face. It decreases the frequency of angioedema attacks. 

You should have Stromba for the duration and in the appropriate dosage as recommended by the doctor. Overdose or misuse of Stromba can be quite fatal to life. Hence it is best to get a complete evaluation of medical condition and to have Stromba under medical supervision. 

Uses of Stromba: 

Stromba is used mainly for two purposes: 

To treat severe allergic reaction of angioedema 

Treatment of Behcet's disease which is characterized by blood clots in the veins 

Side effects

 Before you purchase Stromba it is essential to know the side effects associated with its consumption. The users have reported these common Stromba side effects: 

changes in sexual desire

difficulty sleeping

new or worsening acne


In rare cases, these severe side effects are experienced and should be immediately reported to the doctor. These include: 



unusual fatigue 

color stools 

abdominal pain 

yellow eyes and skin which indicate liver problems 

allergic reaction like trouble in breathing, swelling of lips, and face 

frequent ejections 

female masculinization like facial hair growth, hair loss, acne, or clitoral enlargement  

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