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Stromafort medicine is man-made steroid which resembles testosterone. It is used popularly for the treatment of severe allergic reactions due to angioedema. It causes episodes of swelling of the extremities, genitals, lips, face, and throat. Stromafort aids in decreasing these symptoms. 

Stromafort should not be taken if you suffer from any of the following conditions: 

Breast cancer 

Prostate cancer 

High calcium level in the blood 

Pregnant and nursing mothers 

Hence, before you buy Stromafort it is recommended to consult a doctor. To purchase Stromafort without prescription can be fatal as it has severe side effects associated with it if misused or overdosed. People with heart diseases liver problems and high cholesterol should also avoid this medicine. 

How to use Stromafort? 

Stromafort is usually taken with food else it can lead to an upset stomach. Stromafort should be taken as directed by the doctor. It is usually recommended to have 2mg twice daily. 

Stromafort side effects

The commonly reported Stromafort side effects include: 

Changes in sexual desire.

difficulty sleeping;

new or worsening acne 


There are some severe side effects associated with the use of Stromafort. In the care of these following severe symptoms, medical help should be taken immediately: 

Allergic reaction like hives closing of the throat, swelling of lips and face. 

Swelling of the arms 

Masculine changes in women like increased facial growth, clitoral enlargement, irregular menstrual cycle

Frequent breast tenderness and enlargement 

Difficulty breathing 

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