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Subutex is an opioid category medicine which used orally or sublingually (given under the tongue). Subutex is prescribed for the treatment of chronic moderate and severe pain. This medicine is not approved for consumption by individuals below 18 years of age. 

One should not have Subutux if they have one of the following conditions. The doctor should know your medical history before a prescription for Subutex. 

Breathing problems 

Brain tumors 


Abdominal problems 

Liver diseases 

Kidney problems 

Enlarged prostates.

Breast-feeding mothers  

Pregnant women 

Why Use Subutex? 

Subutex is used primarily to treat addiction or dependence on narcotics. It belongs to the Buprenorphine class of drugs and helps to prevent withdrawal symptoms in the victims. It is used with other standard therapies for complete treatment. Subutex is also used to treat moderate to severe chronic pain along with other therapies. 

Side effects

Before you purchase Subutex, it is essential to know the Subutex side effects associated with it. These include: 





Breathing problems 

Abdominal discomfort 


Fast heartbeat 


Trouble sleeping 

Allergic reaction like rash or hives 



Dark urine 

Itching and swelling of face and tongue 

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