Testosterone Enanthate

Testosterone Enanthate

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This medicine is primarily used by men who cannot produce the natural substance called testosterone themselves in the required quantity Testosterone is required for the normal functioning such as growth and development of the genital areas, bones, and muscles. To initiate this growth, testosterone enanthate is used in men. It belongs to the androgens category of medicines. It can also be used to treat certain kinds of breast cancer. 

How to use testosterone

Testosterone is usually administered through injectable into the buttock muscles or as directed by the doctor. It is given every 1 to 4 weeks. This injection should not be injected into the veins. The dosage of the medicine is based on the testosterone blood levels, medical condition and the response to the treatment.  You can buy Testosterone from any online pharmaceutical store. Testosterone for sale is available in all pharmaceutical stores. You can get the best rates on online stores.  

Abuse of misuse of testosterone can lead to severe adverse reactions that can be fatal to life. It can lead to mental disorders, liver disease, strokes, heart disease or abnormal bone growth. This medicine should not be taken longer or at a higher dose than recommended.

Side effects of testosterone

There are many side effects associated with testosterone. The common testosterone side effects commonly reported include:

· Skin color changes

· Nausea

· Vomiting

· Increased sexual interest or decreased

· Oily skin

· Acne

· Hair loss and bald patches on the head

Some serious side effects

· Dizziness

· Fainting

· Swelling of groin

· Confusing

· Pain

· Severe headaches

If these side effects persist or worsen it is best to z medical help and discontinues the medicine.