Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate

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Testosterone Propionate is often used by body-builders, fitness enthusiasts and athletes for the growth of muscles. It is also used to treat androgen deficiency in men. Testosterone Propionate for sale is available online all pharmacies as injectable. To buy testosterone propionate it may not be necessary to have a prescription. However, before you purchase testosterone propionate, you should consult a doctor as it may have side effects that may not be suitable for you. 

Uses of Testosterone Propionate

Uses of testosterone propionate are used for many purposes mainly for bodybuilding and to treat androgen deficiency in males. These include: 

It is used to increase muscle mass- this medicine works well for the growth of muscles and recovery of muscles after strenuous exercises. 

Better athletic performance- another great advantage of testosterone is that it can enhance one's metabolic rate providing more energy for athletic performance. 

Side effects of Testosterone Propionate

The testosterone propionate side effects associated commonly with it are: 

Women having this may develop masculine characteristics 

Breast pain 

Absence of menstrual pain 

Irregular Periods

Priapism, A Prolonged Erection Of The Penis

Breast Pain

Enlarged Breasts

Bladder Contractions Causing The Need To Urinate Often

Urinary Tract Infection

Some uncommon side effects associated with it are: 

Head Pain

Enlarged Prostate


Low Energy

Temporary Redness Of Face And Neck

Liver Problems

Water Retention

High Amount Of Calcium In The Blood


Cancer Of The Prostate Gland

High Blood Pressure

Inflammation Of The Epididymis Of The Testicles