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Buy U-4770 Online

U-4770 is an opioid that was developed in the year 1970 by the Michigan pharmaceutical company. U-47700 is used as a very strong painkiller. U-47700 is said to be eight times stronger than the morphine pain killer. You can buy U-47700 online and it’s readily available. U-47700 for sale is available only if you have a meal license to buy. U-47700 is sold in the form of powder or liquid. It is a scheduled I class drug. This drug is not accepted in the USA. 

How is U-47700 taken? 

The U-47700 dosage is usually snorted in the powder form. It can also be taken orally, through rectal routes or taken through the intravenous route. 

Side effects of U-47700

U-47700 is a pain killer which has several adverse effects on one’s body. Some U-47700 effects include: 
Difficulty in urination 
Respiratory issues 
Overdose of sedation can lead to breathlessness